Friday, January 12, 2018

Airtel 2018 Free Browsing Cheat: Get 2GB for N100 and 10GB for N500

Airtel 2018 Free Browsing Cheat: Get 2GB for N100 and 10GB for N500

What an amazing offer from AIRTEL which gives 2GB for N100 and N500 for 10GB bonus data. There’s not anything as very cheap-priced as this bonus, even the grandmaster of data plan, Glo doesn’t provide their data for that low rate. What a wonderful data freebie for anyone who likes to browse and download files with their Airtel SIM.

Do not now be harassed, this is “ freebie ” popularly called “ cheat “. It works on Android device, PSP console, iOS (iPhone), Laptop (thru modem) and some other devices which can connect  with the net. No need for VPNs and others.

Glo currently gives 2GB for N500 however this Airtel freebie will give you access to enable higher data bonus for N100 and above. The greater you load, the more the bonus increases.

In this article, you'll learn how to  port your MTN SIM to an Airtel SIM to get  the whooping provide AIRTEL. Porting is absolutely FREE and it lets in you to seamlessly move your current phone number from any GSM mobile operator onto the Airtel Network.

How To Port MTN SIM  to Airtel network

— Get a valid ID card like Student ID card, Voter’s card & others then  visit any nearest Airtel store  and fill the form they'll provide you with.

— You will receive a message for your MTN line telling you to reboot and input the Airtel SIM you ported onto.

— Now, switch off your phone and You have now successfully Ported Your MTN line to Airtel network 

How To Activate Your Airtel SIM To Get 2GB for N100 And 10GB For N500

— Now, after successfully  porting your MTN line in your Airtel SIM, kindly recharge your Airtel line via bank or Zoto recharge wallet.
 Note: Do not recharge with scratch card pin.

— After recharging N100 with any of the method above, you’ll be given 2GB immediately which valid  for 30 days and the amount of your data balance  can be checked by dialling *223# best.

How to get N500 for 10GB Data
  • The more you recharge N100, the more the data accumulates. N200 recharge will give you instant 4GB data bonus, N500 recharge will give you 10GB and vice versa.
  • You can’t accumulate above 50GB data and each of the data has 30 days validity period. Your money is still intact while you enjoy your data.
NOTE : Do not recharge with scratch card pin, otherwise you won’t be given any data.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

How To Create Unlimited  Fake Disposable Email Address

How To Create Unlimited Fake Disposable Email Address

How To Create Unlimited  Fake Disposable Email Address

The Internet is an ocean of information . This
Information consists of severa files which
comprise audios, videos , video games , news , and so forth. All
this information is free  to get entry to. However,
you're on occasion required to register
your self to make use of specific  service on
the Internet.

But, it is not advisable to use your unique
info to register your self to apply such
service due to the fact that you may start receiving
numerous spam mail and inappropriate messages. In
such situations, you may use  a fake
email address to sign in yourself. For
creating a fake email address, you might
require a couple of minutes. But, you may make a
fake e-mail address within some seconds.

There are pretty a few web sites that you
can use to create a fake e mail address within
a few seconds. Below, are the list  of some
of the best  web sites to create fake email
addresses within  seconds. Keep reading to know
which of them to use for creating fake e mail
addresses just in some seconds

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List Of Websites To Create Fake Email Address 

1 ThrowAwayMail
The link to this website is ‘ http://
www.Throwawaymail.Com/en ‘ this. When you
enter this website, you will locate an option 
which reads ‘Show My Email.’ Click in this
option and verify which you are not a robot.
Once it is verified , you fake email can be
displayed. You can copy  it from right here and
use it some other place. This e mail is energetic for
about 50 minutes when you generate

2. 10 Minute Mail
As quickly as you go to
https://10minutemail.Com ‘ this link, a fake
email address might be generated in order to
be energetic for 10 minutes simplest. But, you may
reset the timer from an alternative located
beside the timer. You can copy the fake
e-mail address right here and use it to
register in places in which you do not want to
use your private e mail address.

3. Mailinator
You can visit this site from ‘ https://
www.Mailinator.Com ‘ right here. The area of expertise of
this website is that you could create any e mail
you need. The public email that you create
might be deleted withing some hours. To
get a everlasting e mail from this website,
you need to shop for its subscription.

4 MailDrop
Even here, you can create your own email
address as you can do in Mailinator. The link
to MailDrop is ‘ ‘ this. You
will see an empty field which reads ‘view-
this-mailbox’ followed by ‘’, and
you will also notice a ‘Go’ option beside it.
Once you have picked your email address,
click on ‘Go’ to activate it and start using it
to protect your private email address.

This is one of the best websites to create a
fake email address within seconds. You can
access this website from ‘ https:// ‘ here. The best part of this
website is that you can choose not only the
local part of your email address but also the
domain. Once you have chosen your email
address, click on ‘Retrieve mailbox’ to
activate this email address.

6 Dispostable
You can create a fake email address from
‘ ‘ this website.
Just like some of the websites listed above,
you can create your own email address here.
Once created, click on ‘Check Inbox’ option
to activate this fake email address.

7. AirMail
This is another useful email address
generating website which you can use.
‘ ‘ this is the link to
AirMail’s website. When you go to this
website, you will find an option which reads
‘Create my email’. Click on it to create a
fake email address. You can change the
email address using an option located below
your newly generated email address.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Airtel Daily Plan of 50MB for NI00 has been UPGRADED to 75MB

Airtel Daily Plan of 50MB for NI00 has been UPGRADED to 75MB

Airtel Daily Plan of 50MB for NI 00 has been UPGRADED to 75MB
Airtel Has finally upgraded their daily plan which is 50m for N100 to 75mb at Same price to their users. Not only that they also introduce a new daily  plan which 20mb for only N50

This sound  great right, just take a look at this screenshot for sure
So now let me show you how to activate your 75mb for just only N100 ;

Firstly Dial *141#
Reply with 1 then a new pop on messenge will display on your screen then reply with one again and again 
After that then you will see a list of the daily plans choose Number 2 for the 75mb.

Airtel Daily Plan of 50MB for NI 00 has been UPGRADED to 75MB and introduce new one which is 20mb for N50
So if you are for the 20mb for N50 then reply with one 

What will you say about this.  Is it great? 
Drop Your Answer right here in the comments box below 

Sunday, December 17, 2017

How To Recover Mistakenly  Deleted Files On Your Android Phone

How To Recover Mistakenly Deleted Files On Your Android Phone

There are different  methods theoretically but nearly, only a few techniques are proper which get back your mistakenly deleted files. One technique requires an app to be installed so as to store the everything which get deleted after its installation even as the other app can be used to recover files which became deleted even before the app was installed .

As an alternative, you could use that app via
a computer to recover the
deleted files from your Android
Phone without installing any
app in it. So let’s test the apps
with a view to get your deleted files again on
your Android phone  and the steps required
to make those apps work easily and
efficiently in your Android phone.

How To Recover Mistakenly  Deleted Files On Your Android Phone 

With The Use Of Dumpster

Dumpster is an app available on Google Play
Store at free(it contain ads while the premium version eliminates the ads) which works just
like the recycle bin available at
Windows. While the use of a Android phone, you
click pictures , shoot videos , upload new files
and so forth.

The Recycle Bin for Android

Simultaneously, you preserve deleting unwanted
or useless photos, movies, documents,files and so on. It might
occur which you by accident delete an
Important picture/video/file. If you have got this
app installed on your Android phone, each
deleted object gets stored in this app.
without any difficulties you can restore the mistakenly  deleted file
simply with  just two click.

 Or Click  here

Steps To Used Dumpster

•  Download and install the app from the above link.
• After installation, if you happen to
mistakenly delete a file, launch the app and
tap on the target file.
• A new window will open, which will
have the ‘ Restore‘ option in it. Once you tap
on the ‘Restore’ option, your file will be

immediately restored.

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• With The Use Dr. Fone

This Android app also  enables you in getting back your mistakenly deleted pics,
contacts, messages, videos, files etc. The
difference here is that, it could recover files
which have been deleted even before the app get 
Install in  your Android phone. But, your
Phone needs to be rooted for this app to
work to your Android phone.

Easy recover you lost files

If your device isn't rooted , you won’t be
able to repair whatever with this app. A
software of this Android app is available for
Windows and Mac which may be used to
recover files by means of connecting the Android
Phone  to the Computer through USB cables. To
recover files by mistakenly  deleted with the use of the
software program in your computer, you need to
execute the below steps.

Steps To Recover Deleted Files on

  • Launch the software on your computer and select data recovery. And the connect your Android device to your Computer using a USB cable.
  • You will need an Android version which is higher than 4.2.2. Once your device is connected, you will get a pop-up message. 
  • Press OK to continue. Then select the type of file you want to recover and click NEXT to get to the next 
  • Then go to the scan option. You will have two options to scan, namely Standard and Advanced. Use the Advanced scanning . in case the Standard scanning doesn’t get you your files. 
While scanning, if you locate your file midway, you can terminate or pause the scanning process then and there itself. You don’t have to wait for the scanning process to complete.

With the above easy steps, you can
retrieve the deleted files from your Android
device without overwriting it on any new
Data or files.  There are some different techniques
which can be used however, the above-listed
techniques are easy to apply and have the least
opportunity to fail.So, this is all about 
Recover Deleted Files From Android phone.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Free Browsing: MTN Xmas Offer Get 150mb + N500

Free Browsing: MTN Xmas Offer Get 150mb + N500

MTN currently now dashing out free 150mb + N500 to their users
So on this article I will show you how to activate yours, accumulate it and also turned it to power all App
Enjoy this mb to all your app

Almost all mtn customers are eligible for this Xmas bonuses offer which offers 150MB+N500 Airtime despite the fact that the MB isn't a like normal mb.
It only usable best on mtn game plus web page where you may pick out many kinds of games,however i'm will to drop settings you can use to power  all app with the assist of HTTP injector.

How To Get Free MTN Xmas Mb 

• Simply send SMS “ XMAS ” to “ 2200 ” (without the quotation marks) and you’ll be credited with free 150MB Game+ data bonus and N500 to celebrate Christmas.
• The data is valid for a week (7 days).
• To check your data balance, dial *559#.

How To Accumulate MTN Xmas MB 

• Text STOP TO 2200
• A message will be sent to from MTN saying 

Y’ello, you have unsubscribed from Game+ Free Trial.Visit for more games.
• Then  Text =Xmas again to 2200 to to accumulate your 150mb for free
How I accumulated mine

Note :  Don't accumulate it 10 times to avoid being blacklisted from MTN just do it 9 times 

How To Power MTN Xmas Mb To All Apps 

• First Of All Download HTTP Injector  and install it on your phone 
• Download This EHI file here 
• import The EHI file in the HTTP injector  by clicking the 3 dots at the top right of the HTTP injector and click configure then import it

• After  you have imported the file 
Just tap where See  PAYLOAD + SHH....Then click default from the list
Then click the pencil icon then input 
port 8080
And save

Also tick: DNS(Google DNS) 
Then Click Start 

Note : if it didn't connect then off your data and turned turned it on then reconnect it

Happy Enjoying

Thursday, December 14, 2017

4 Top Best Android Apps For Drawing (2018)

4 Top Best Android Apps For Drawing (2018)

Draw smart with your Android makes easy with this apps

Drawing is one aspect which is in practice by human beings for a completely long time. However, this form of art has undergone essential changes over the years. Initially, people used to draw on rocks and walls. Then, they started out drawing in a civilized way with the  use of paper and colors. But, in things modern age, peoples no longer prefer  a canvas or colorings to draw. The smartphones have taken over from the drawing papers.

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Artists can resort to various best drawing apps which have been designed for Android devices and use them to attract their artwork with tons greater performance and comfort. The quantity of top drawing apps available for Android devices may be very high however, now not all of the apps may match as according to your want. Thus, right here are the list of some of the fine and best drawing apps of 2018 which one can used it on their Android phone.

#1 PaperOne
PaperOne my 1st best app in terms of drawing

This Android app allows its users to create a realistic replica of the real objects. PaperOne is widely used by artists to create sketches of people since it provides with highly detailed results. It is a minimal app which can be used on any smartphone, while traveling or when sitting idle to draw. You can add text to your drawing, add a custom cover and background to it! This app does not have numerous features which are available with the apps mentioned above. However, it is no less as compared to other apps when it comes to performance.
                   Download PaperOne

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#2.Ibis Paint XPaint X
2nd best drawing apps
ibis Paint X
This app tops on our list of best drawing apps since it is loaded with tons of features. Also, all these features are essential when it comes to professional artists. The brush, which is the basic tool has 142 options to choose from depending on their size. The 256 grades os area selection allows you to choose each pixel on your workspace. Along with these, other useful features include a handy ruler, color picker, bucket fill, etc. It is one of the most feature-laden and free drawing apps for Android devices.
               Download  Ibis Paint X

#3 MediBang Paint
3rd best drawing apps
MediBang Paint
This is a free tool which can be used for making paintings and comics. Along with various brushes, you will also find various features such as fonts, pre-made backgrounds, etc. Specifically, some the options available for brushes are Pencil, Watercolor, Flat Brush, Round Brush, Acrylic, School Pen, Drawing Pen, and Soft Pastel to Multi Brushes like the Salad Brush. For comic creators, you can make panels on your canvas by dragging across the canvas. In addition to these features, there are many more features which you can make use of while drawing or creating comics.
                   Download MediBang Paint

#4 ArtFlow
The Last among listed
This app turns your Android device into a sketchbook! It is totally free to download and use. However, there are some features which might require a premium account which might cost you somewhere between $3 to $5 approximately. Some of the worth mentioning features of ArtFlow include infinite undo and redo option, it supports Pressure sensitive pen, GPU accelerated paint engine, brightness, and saturation along with color adjustment, etc. These were some of the many features of this drawing app. Another amazing fact about this app is that it has an NVIDIA DirectStylus support.
         Download ArtFlow
These are the number of the best  free drawing apps which one can have on their Android smartphone . These apps are used by beginners as well as professionals. You can check them out and recognize which one fits you the best. If we have neglected out on one of these best drawing apps free for Android then, please allow us to know about it  about it in the comments box below.

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Browse This Site For  Free (

Browse This Site For Free (

Good day to all our lovely  viewers, I hope you are All enjoying the day.

Today I'm here to informing you that our site is now well connected on freebasic platform 
Enjoy happy browsing for free via freebasic
cool9ja is on freebasic
Are you having low MB?  Or  Insufficient Data  to browse this great blog? and you are using Airtel Or 9mobile (etisalat)  Sims 

If your answer to the above question is yes then here comes with the solution as you can now browse this site free yes you heard me free!!

How To Browse cool9ja For Free

• Get an Airtel or 9mobile Sim and insert it on your Phone 

• Visit and Scroll down to Add More Free Service then click on it

• A new page will be shown to you at the top you will see a search box just type cool9ja and click Search
After searching click the + sign to add it up it will take you to a new page then finally click add and you are done

You can Skip All This by simply click here

Also you can join our social media to get our latest updates

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How  To Get All Your Android SMS On PC

How To Get All Your Android SMS On PC

A lot of people uses PC too long but they haven't know that They can receive their android SMS directly to their PC. Maybe you are one of them lol. 
So today I'm writing an article about
How to Recive  All Your Android  SMS On PC 

It's Very Useful  when  you Android  is on charging and also you operating at distance from it

How To Receive All Your Android SMS On PC.

 • Firstly download Mighty Text by clicking here then install it on your  Android phone 

• Now on your Google Chrome browser add the extension Mighty Text.

 •Then  open the app you will need an initial pair up with your PC as it will be done over wifi network on which both the devices being connected.

• When you setup is done you will see your android name on the icon when you click on on it.

• You have Successfully connect your Android with your PC , now when ever  you android receive  any SMS it'll switch in your extension of PC and you can read it  there.

  With this setup you can get all your messages on your laptop screen  and you  might rid of   picking up your android again and again to read each SMS, just tap on the notification and watchout for every message received.

Monday, December 11, 2017

List Of Mtn, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile Apn Setting To Increase  Network Speed

List Of Mtn, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile Apn Setting To Increase Network Speed

 We understand that the Network will be a pin in the a*s, particularly when browsing  the net, the networks, mainly GLO and Airtel NG, have a tend to "move slowly" in quote. I've made a list of provisions on the way to boom your surfing speed using the APN settings below.

Though the internet pace in Nigeria varies by way of place and network providers, for example Here in University of Ibadan, Etisalat and MTN NG are the leading networks in Terms of Browsing speed, but just across the University (Agbowo Village) the networks in advance noted are the worst.

 Just follow  the settings below  to set under to boost your internet surfing speed.

APN Settings For MTN Nigeria



Username: web

Password: web

Airtel Nigeria APN Settings


 Username: internet

Password: Internet

 APN Settings For GLO Nigeria

APN: gloflat

Username: internet

Password: internet

9Mobile APN Settings

APN: 9mobile


Port: 8080

 The above APN SETTINGS works flawlessly nicely on any Device, Android, iOS, MAC, Windows, Java, etc.
 I tried all my exceptional to make the post explanatory enough however in case you got  anything difficult inside just simply drop a comment I'll try as much  as possible to assist.
Instagram Set To Have A New Direct Message App

Instagram Set To Have A New Direct Message App

Hello Friends, Currently Instagram is strolling to test on a new application  that is presently under development.
The application is called  Direct - Instagram Direct 

Instagram build this app with the purpose to replace the messaging feature  on the Instagram app.

This truely tell us some thing incredible, the current  messaging app might be removed and be develop  into an application of its own called
direct . Therefore making the message a different  app  from the Instagram application.

The application is now made available currently in six countries around the Globe - Chile, Israel, Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Uruguay . This App  runs on both iOS and Android enabled smart devices and for now, there may be no Official assertion whether the App might be out for take hold of Globally.
This has some similar features with Snapchat, it open up within the camera view, and allows you take a image quick or make a video and send it as a message.

The major purpose of doing this ought to be pleasant known to Instagram but this selection will improve the chatting and also person's revel in. We just have to  cross our arms and watch for the Global launch of this application 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Download Cool9ja Official App

Download Cool9ja Official App

To The all lovers and followerd of this great blog I hope you enjoy what we are doing.  Today I'm being happy to tell you that the long awaited App is now ready for you to download and install it on your Android phone.

Well, I actually have created  the Official App so as to will let you and your pals have all our updates proper there at your fingertips. We consider it's miles one of the pleasant approaches to maintain you updated and never leave out any updates  on this extremely good blog. This App is designed in a way that you will  get notifications on the latest  Teach,  tricks, cheats  on your smartphone.
At default, the notification is on silent mode however, you could pick out your preferred song or music  as the notification tone. If you do not need sound, you can enable the handiest vibrate function to get beep each time a new article arrives.

Features Of Cool9ja App 

==> Loads pages very fast
==> Displays our recent blog posts
==> Ability to click on blog post title and read it.
==> Simple design for easy navigation and understanding
==> Notification for receiving free latest tricks and tech  updates on your phone
==> It has categories so as to let you find what you want easyly
==> Commenting on the blog is now made very easy via this app
==> You can watch our video tutorials via the app
==> You can download any app on this blog via the app with one tap and fast download
==> Choose your favourite music as notification tune
==> Option to enable vibration alert or not
==> You can star important posts so that you can quickly refer to them any day
==> You can switch between different themes that suits your style
and lots more. Just test this app and see for yourself.  it's a very useful tool to keep you in touch of what you like best.

Download this app by clicking here 
App Size :10mb
Facebook Trick: How To Message Your Self on facebook

Facebook Trick: How To Message Your Self on facebook

Many people are using facebook to chat,  share their ideas with people, and also do business on this great social media but they don't know that they can message them self (you messaging your self). So today I am here to share you this simple and easy trick on how to message your self just keep reading i will show you all the steps to go about it including with screen shot for better understanding.

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First of all open your Browser (opera mini recommended)

Type or click on here

A login page will be shown to you then Input your login details

Now you are at your home page of your facebook account. Then search for your facebook name in the search box at the top of your browser after that small facebook icon


You are almost there.. Now just scroll down and look at you own facebook account and click on that little message like icon at the right hand side of your displayed name


Type anything you want at the message box

So now after successful learning how to message your self on facebook what will come to your mind is what it important?

Important of it varies depending on how you used it but the main important there is you can save something you wanted to tell in the future, save your idea about something you wish to publish in the future , or someone publish a post and you want to save it without him knowing then just copy it and paste it at the message box.
Don't worry your message are 100% save were no one can see it.

Is this article helpful?  Let hear from you by commenting your Answer  in the comment box.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Steps To Create Custom  Ringing tone With Your Android Phone

Steps To Create Custom Ringing tone With Your Android Phone

Creating ringtones on your Android phone is certainly pretty easy, and there are different method to do it: on  PC , Internet, and also  from your Android phone but we are going to discuss only one Android phone.
And as soon as you've got the ringing tone, all you have to do is drop it into the correct  folder (or, inside the case of Android Oreo, simply add it to the list).

Before we started,  it’s worth noting that you could only do that with files you clearly have—streaming music won’t works. Even music  downloaded for offline playback from Google Play Music (or comparable) can’t be edited, so you should have to get entry and  tried and true  MP3 file for this.
OK now let's continue

How to Create Custom Ringtones for Your Android Phone

Creating ringtones for your android phone is some thing that’s very easy  to do, first of all download  an app called Ringtone Maker. While it named is not unique and  nicely designed, but it’s useful and easy to use, that's clearly what we need right here.

When you open the app, it should detect upon all MP3 files found on your Android phone. Opening the file for editing  is a bit counter-intuitive in Ringtone Maker—tapping the tune name will easily  play it. In order to open it for editing, you’ll need to tap the down arrow on the right side of the file name , then select “Edit.”

Once the editor is open, you could start deciding on the section you’d want to save  as a ringtone. This is a lot like the above methods, though Ringtone Maker is a piece greater like Audacity than MP3 Cut since it allows you to  used not only the sliders, but also key in exact beginning and end times.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

How To Download and Stream Videos  Unlimitedly  on YouTube With Just N25 on Mtn

How To Download and Stream Videos Unlimitedly on YouTube With Just N25 on Mtn

Have you been waiting for free browsing cheat on YouTube ? If Yes this  post what you have been waiting  for. With this Cheat you may will have access to all YouTube videos  - streaming and downloading with the  used of  YouTube Go app and also your MTN night subscription.

 Free browsing  is now scarce and gradually fading out as its not out at  it is used to be, But with this MTN night plan free  streaming on YouTube you should be capable of enjoy free browsing  as we look  for more.

 For YouTube lovers, its time to watch, stream and down load  videos  on YouTube for as low as N25. I've given a step  by step method on how  to activate it and used this trick, so simply continue reading this article and follow it so as  to enjoy the MTN unlimited YouTube Streaming with just N25.


-MTN Sim Card
-Srong MTN network - 3G/4G network
-Active MTN night plan
-YouTube Go application .apk, .exe, .jar etc.
-Any Devices


Dial *406*4# and follow the prompt massage  and then dial  1 to subscribe to the MTN Night plan
 Send NIGHT as an SMS to 131 to subscribe to  the Night plan

 Note: The subscription is only for MTN pulse subscribers, In case you need to migrate simply dial *406*1#

 To subscribe for MTN N25 for 500MB Night Plan dial *406*four# and follow the
Promt mesage by dialing 1 


The first step to take is to download and install up the YouTube Go application by clicking here.Then subscribe to  the MTN night  plan - Its active and running  from 12 - 4am.Finish the plan before 4am and you'll be notified through SMS.After the 500MB is completed, simply look ahead to approximately 1-2 minutes then open Your You Tube Go App. After the Notification SMS, you can now start the Unlimited streaming of videos  and download as you like. This Cheat Stops without delay if it's exactly  4am in the morning.

All thanks to Wizytechs for sharing this valuable trick 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

YouTube Go Apk  Let You View Videos Offline And Saved Your Data

YouTube Go Apk Let You View Videos Offline And Saved Your Data

YouTube has released  an offline model of its app to its visitors in developing countries across the globe where internet connectivity is still a challenge.

The new app has a completely unique feature and design that allows YouTube viewers  to download and save content  they want offline giving options over quality and file size. The app additionally lets in for neighborhood sharing with nearby users without the use of any data.

According to blog post from the company’s official website, YouTube Go was created to be relatable with fresh and relevant video recommendations tailored to viewers preferences; the app is designed to be offline first and improve the experience of watching videos on a slower network; it gives you more control over data usage by providing choice and transparency into the amount of data spent on streaming or saving videos. And finally, it’s social allowing you to share videos quickly and easily with friends nearby.

YouTube Go has now become available across Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. In coming weeks, it will also arrive in Senegal and Uganda. Given that it is intended for developing countries where majority of the devices are on Android, the app is available on Android devices only and not in the other operating systems.

The App is available for download on Google Play Store 

Saturday, December 2, 2017

How To Kick Away Someone Using My Wi-Fi Network

How To Kick Away Someone Using My Wi-Fi Network

Ever desired or wanted  to kick someone out of the WiFi network you've got connected to
 because he is using maximum of the bandwidth consequently providing you with low Internet speed. well, here I provided you with the solution for app that.

To Stop or kick away someone using your Wi-Fi network you need to download Wi-Fi kill  from playstore.

Note: Wi-Fi kill only works on Rooted Device.
Check out How To Root Your Android Phone With This Two Best App Without Any Risk

How does WiFiKill work?

When WifiKill APK is running and your mobile is connected to a public wifi network, this app will make other devices in the same network think that your device is a router. So they will try to connect to the internet through you. WifiKill then drops the connections of these other devices.

Features of wifikill Apk

-You can see the list of devices in the wifi network that you are using.

-WifiKill can show the data transfer rate (download, upload) of grabbed devices.

-You can monitor the network activity of any device using wifi.

-Names of the devices connected to the network are displayed.

-Most importantly, you can cut off the network connection of any device which is connected to the same wifi network as yours.

It Also works on tablets too.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

How to Translate Any App Language Using  Google Translator

How to Translate Any App Language Using Google Translator

Google Translate is a free multilingual gadget interpretation service made through Google, to translate content from one language to some other. It offers a internet site interface, cell applications for Android and iOS. Google Translate Supports greater than a hundred languages at special tiers.

The Google translate can also Used  on any App of your Android smartphone. This function is called Tap to translate. It works like a shortcut.

How to used the Translate feature on any Android App

Download the latest version of Google translate from to the Google play store by clicking here.
Launch Google Translate. Tap at the Hamburger icon ( 3 parallel horizontal lines ) on the Top-Left and click on Settings
Select Tap to Translate. On the following display, toggle the option that says Enable Tap to
The function permits Translate to automatically  pop up within exceptional applications after you have highlighted a text in a foreign language. When you do, a bit Translate icon will show up, that you could then be capable of tap to read the translation. The pop up will likewise enable you to translate text out of your language again into a foreign language and vice-versa

Saturday, November 25, 2017

7 Reasons To Root Your Android Phone

7 Reasons To Root Your Android Phone

Android is a very versatile, customizable and open operating system. You may think that rooting is not for you, but it can actually help you to a very great extent. With so little work, so much can be achieved. You may have heard bad things about rooting but in some cases, you may consider using it, especially if it is done by people who are aware of what needs to be done. Some of the reasons include:

1. Features and apps

Rooting helps you to get the features that you really want. There are times when an app may be blocked by different carriers or may hack into the system files or may be unavailable. Rooting assists with this making the apps that had been incompatible previously to be compatible. Rooting gives you the chance to do so much more with your gadget.

2. Automation

There are apps that one can use so as to automate everything on the phone. If you root, then there is so much more that you will discover. Some tasks like turning on the screen, changing speed of the CPU, toggling GPS and 3G all require rooting. When you want to reap the full benefits of some apps, then it is totally necessary to root.

3. Boosting the speed and battery life

There is so much more that can be done if at all you need to boost battery life and also speed up the phone even if you do not root. However, if you do root, you get so much more power. There are apps that you can use to overclock or under clock the phone so as to have greater performance. You can use yet others apps, so as to hibernate some of the apps that aren't in use.

4. Blocking ads in apps

Ads can be very irritating and they actually use up your data. If you want the ads blocked in devices and apps, then rooting can actually help to a great extent. There are various options that you can pursue if your phone is rooted.

5. Backing up the transitions

When you change devices or when the device is restored, you can back up the apps and the settings. In this way, it becomes easier to get the setups. There are things that can be backed up without rooting.

6. Removing any preinstalled crap ware

Backup is great and it can uninstall the battery draining and space wasting ware that is usually preinstalled on some phones today. The feature is root only. If you have your phone rooted, then all you have to do is to freeze them so as to allow the phone to work as it should and then delete them so as to free the space.

7. Tweaking the dark corners

Rooting is a great idea if you really like fiddling with the features. You can customize almost everything, including the layout of the keyboard or even increasing the scrolling speed. You will be able to multitask better.

Rooting is a risky thing and you should only choose the best tool to do it.
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Friday, November 24, 2017

Facebook to Train 50,000 Nigerian SMEs in 2018

Facebook to Train 50,000 Nigerian SMEs in 2018

Facebook has said it'll train and guide over 50,000  students, small businesses( SMEs ) and creative marketers throughout Nigeria in 2018.

Facebook’s Public Policy Director, Africa, Ms Ebele Okobi, at some point of a news briefing on Wednesday in Lagos, stated that the education might be via a sequence of digital abilities, as well as long-time  impact programmes.

Okobi said that the trainings and support was Facebook’s initiative in its ambition to drive innovation, skills development and economic impact in Nigeria.

She said that the trainings and support was Facebook’s new nationwide initiative to further cement its commitment and investment in Nigeria, and across the continent.

According to her, Facebook would be incorporating a series of high profile partnerships, training programmes and a physical space that will serve as a center for learning and skills development.

“This set of initiatives is aimed at helping to develop and nurture communities, including small businesses, the tech and start-up ecosystem, youths and creatives.

“In Nigeria, more than 22 million people use Facebook every month and 87 per cent of SMEs say that when they hire, digital skills are more important than where an applicant went to school.

“This demonstrates that the power of digital skills to aid economic growth and development has never been more important

“At Facebook, our mission is clear: To give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.

“Our investments and commitments announced in Lagos today further reflect our intent to partner with Nigeria’s policy makers and its vibrant tech and entrepreneurial eco-system to create economic opportunity and independence in Nigeria and across Africa,” she said.

Okobi said that Facebook was committed to working with Nigerian small businesses, tech entrepreneurs and the next generation of leaders to better understand and utilise the power of digital tools for economic growth.

She said that Facebook would be launching a series of learning-based programmes facilitated by local training partners, to accomplish its mission.

Okobi said that the learning-based programmes had been designed to provide skills that would lead to employment and support the growth of small businesses.

She said that the learning-based programmes include: Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Jobs for Youth, Boost your Business, Creative Entrepreneurship Training, and Online Safety + Digital Literacy Training in Schools and Universities.

According to her, Facebook undertook a detailed ‘Economic Impact Study’ to further understand how communities like small businesses and consumers in Nigeria use the platform, and the effectiveness of social media as a growth tool.

“Nearly 1 in 2 small businesses on Facebook say they built their business on the platform.

“Sixty-two per cent stated they have been able to use Facebook to help find employees for their business.

“Over half (58 per cent) of small businesses on the platform say they have been able to hire more employees due to growth since joining Facebook,” she said.

Founded in 2004, Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.

People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what is going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them.

Facebook has 1.37 billion daily active users on average worldwide and 7.2 million daily visitors from Nigeria.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

How To Skip Ahead While watching  Youtube Videos

How To Skip Ahead While watching Youtube Videos

It's no secret that YouTube has become the "go-to" website/app for watching videos. So, it came as no surprise when YouTube, Google's video-streaming service, recently registered 1.5 billion monthly logged-in users visiting the site. The company also claimed that it reached 180 million monthly active users on mobile devices alone. All these numbers clearly indicate how wide is the user base of the website.

People across the globe access the site for their daily dose of watching videos. Despite being such a popular service, users might not be aware how to maximize their YouTube experience. There are certain tricks which can come in handy while using YouTube. These tricks are pretty basic but make it easier for users to watch videos and all it involves is a tap here or a click there.

One such feature is allowing users to fast forward or backward easily. Here are a few simple steps to do so:

1) The first obvious step is launching YouTube on your device. Find your favourite video - or the latest trending one like Taylor Swift's latest song -- and play it.

2) Once the video plays you can double-tap on the left side of the video player to rewind and double-tap on the right to fast-forward. So if you're playing a video of a particular song where you like the guitar lead or you don't like certain rap part of a song, you can easily skip forward or backwards.

3) Just in case you are unable to do this, all you need to do is tap the top right corner and head to settings > general.

4) Tap on the option of "Double-tap to seek" and you will see an option to select the seconds you want set as the default second ranging from 5-60 seconds. Select the option that suits you the best.

This feature is applicable to videos playing both in landscape portrait mode.