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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Browse This Site For  Free (

Browse This Site For Free (

Good day to all our lovely  viewers, I hope you are All enjoying the day.

Today I'm here to informing you that our site is now well connected on freebasic platform 
Enjoy happy browsing for free via freebasic
cool9ja is on freebasic
Are you having low MB?  Or  Insufficient Data  to browse this great blog? and you are using Airtel Or 9mobile (etisalat)  Sims 

If your answer to the above question is yes then here comes with the solution as you can now browse this site free yes you heard me free!!

How To Browse cool9ja For Free

• Get an Airtel or 9mobile Sim and insert it on your Phone 

• Visit and Scroll down to Add More Free Service then click on it

• A new page will be shown to you at the top you will see a search box just type cool9ja and click Search
After searching click the + sign to add it up it will take you to a new page then finally click add and you are done

You can Skip All This by simply click here

Also you can join our social media to get our latest updates

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Download Cool9ja Official App

Download Cool9ja Official App

To The all lovers and followerd of this great blog I hope you enjoy what we are doing.  Today I'm being happy to tell you that the long awaited App is now ready for you to download and install it on your Android phone.

Well, I actually have created  the Official App so as to will let you and your pals have all our updates proper there at your fingertips. We consider it's miles one of the pleasant approaches to maintain you updated and never leave out any updates  on this extremely good blog. This App is designed in a way that you will  get notifications on the latest  Teach,  tricks, cheats  on your smartphone.
At default, the notification is on silent mode however, you could pick out your preferred song or music  as the notification tone. If you do not need sound, you can enable the handiest vibrate function to get beep each time a new article arrives.

Features Of Cool9ja App 

==> Loads pages very fast
==> Displays our recent blog posts
==> Ability to click on blog post title and read it.
==> Simple design for easy navigation and understanding
==> Notification for receiving free latest tricks and tech  updates on your phone
==> It has categories so as to let you find what you want easyly
==> Commenting on the blog is now made very easy via this app
==> You can watch our video tutorials via the app
==> You can download any app on this blog via the app with one tap and fast download
==> Choose your favourite music as notification tune
==> Option to enable vibration alert or not
==> You can star important posts so that you can quickly refer to them any day
==> You can switch between different themes that suits your style
and lots more. Just test this app and see for yourself.  it's a very useful tool to keep you in touch of what you like best.

Download this app by clicking here 
App Size :10mb

Sunday, December 3, 2017

YouTube Go Apk  Let You View Videos Offline And Saved Your Data

YouTube Go Apk Let You View Videos Offline And Saved Your Data

YouTube has released  an offline model of its app to its visitors in developing countries across the globe where internet connectivity is still a challenge.

The new app has a completely unique feature and design that allows YouTube viewers  to download and save content  they want offline giving options over quality and file size. The app additionally lets in for neighborhood sharing with nearby users without the use of any data.

According to blog post from the company’s official website, YouTube Go was created to be relatable with fresh and relevant video recommendations tailored to viewers preferences; the app is designed to be offline first and improve the experience of watching videos on a slower network; it gives you more control over data usage by providing choice and transparency into the amount of data spent on streaming or saving videos. And finally, it’s social allowing you to share videos quickly and easily with friends nearby.

YouTube Go has now become available across Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. In coming weeks, it will also arrive in Senegal and Uganda. Given that it is intended for developing countries where majority of the devices are on Android, the app is available on Android devices only and not in the other operating systems.

The App is available for download on Google Play Store 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

How to Translate Any App Language Using  Google Translator

How to Translate Any App Language Using Google Translator

Google Translate is a free multilingual gadget interpretation service made through Google, to translate content from one language to some other. It offers a internet site interface, cell applications for Android and iOS. Google Translate Supports greater than a hundred languages at special tiers.

The Google translate can also Used  on any App of your Android smartphone. This function is called Tap to translate. It works like a shortcut.

How to used the Translate feature on any Android App

Download the latest version of Google translate from to the Google play store by clicking here.
Launch Google Translate. Tap at the Hamburger icon ( 3 parallel horizontal lines ) on the Top-Left and click on Settings
Select Tap to Translate. On the following display, toggle the option that says Enable Tap to
The function permits Translate to automatically  pop up within exceptional applications after you have highlighted a text in a foreign language. When you do, a bit Translate icon will show up, that you could then be capable of tap to read the translation. The pop up will likewise enable you to translate text out of your language again into a foreign language and vice-versa

Friday, November 24, 2017

Facebook to Train 50,000 Nigerian SMEs in 2018

Facebook to Train 50,000 Nigerian SMEs in 2018

Facebook has said it'll train and guide over 50,000  students, small businesses( SMEs ) and creative marketers throughout Nigeria in 2018.

Facebook’s Public Policy Director, Africa, Ms Ebele Okobi, at some point of a news briefing on Wednesday in Lagos, stated that the education might be via a sequence of digital abilities, as well as long-time  impact programmes.

Okobi said that the trainings and support was Facebook’s initiative in its ambition to drive innovation, skills development and economic impact in Nigeria.

She said that the trainings and support was Facebook’s new nationwide initiative to further cement its commitment and investment in Nigeria, and across the continent.

According to her, Facebook would be incorporating a series of high profile partnerships, training programmes and a physical space that will serve as a center for learning and skills development.

“This set of initiatives is aimed at helping to develop and nurture communities, including small businesses, the tech and start-up ecosystem, youths and creatives.

“In Nigeria, more than 22 million people use Facebook every month and 87 per cent of SMEs say that when they hire, digital skills are more important than where an applicant went to school.

“This demonstrates that the power of digital skills to aid economic growth and development has never been more important

“At Facebook, our mission is clear: To give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.

“Our investments and commitments announced in Lagos today further reflect our intent to partner with Nigeria’s policy makers and its vibrant tech and entrepreneurial eco-system to create economic opportunity and independence in Nigeria and across Africa,” she said.

Okobi said that Facebook was committed to working with Nigerian small businesses, tech entrepreneurs and the next generation of leaders to better understand and utilise the power of digital tools for economic growth.

She said that Facebook would be launching a series of learning-based programmes facilitated by local training partners, to accomplish its mission.

Okobi said that the learning-based programmes had been designed to provide skills that would lead to employment and support the growth of small businesses.

She said that the learning-based programmes include: Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Jobs for Youth, Boost your Business, Creative Entrepreneurship Training, and Online Safety + Digital Literacy Training in Schools and Universities.

According to her, Facebook undertook a detailed ‘Economic Impact Study’ to further understand how communities like small businesses and consumers in Nigeria use the platform, and the effectiveness of social media as a growth tool.

“Nearly 1 in 2 small businesses on Facebook say they built their business on the platform.

“Sixty-two per cent stated they have been able to use Facebook to help find employees for their business.

“Over half (58 per cent) of small businesses on the platform say they have been able to hire more employees due to growth since joining Facebook,” she said.

Founded in 2004, Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.

People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what is going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them.

Facebook has 1.37 billion daily active users on average worldwide and 7.2 million daily visitors from Nigeria.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Facebook now testing a new whatsapp button on its main app

Facebook now testing a new whatsapp button on its main app

Facebook appears to be running a trial that features its subsidiary WhatsApp a lot more prominently in the main app. Users are reporting seeing a dedicated WhatsApp button in the main Facebook app on Android. When clicked, the button acts like a shortcut, opening WhatsApp without the need to leave the Facebook app. TNW has since obtained images of the feature. 

Here is how it looks: In case you were wondering, the dedicated button can be found in the menu area. If you happen to be one of the users in the control group, it should appear at the top

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Easy Way To Know What Is Behind A Shortened Url Without Visiting It

Easy Way To Know What Is Behind A Shortened Url Without Visiting It

I was actually surfing the internet trying to research on important topics i could write and share with you guys, and i stumbled on this Web page ( to know whats behind a shortened URLs) which i am going to share today in this article.

Some time you may have come across short url on social media e.g some uses Google url shortener and the link may be something like this , or sometimes a friend may send it to you as a message.
In either ways, let us just say that you are not sure of that link no matter where it comes from,and you want to find out what it is even without visiting it because many people use these links to re-direct users to phishing page or even po*rn websites, which alot of individuals don't
like (including me).

If you want to know what is behind that shortened link, then it will be answered right in this post here.

>> On that page, input the shortened url (it can
be "tinyURL", "", "", "" or whatever link shortener).
>> Click on " GET LINK INFO "
>> After that, it will load up the original link and you will know if it was exactly what the poster
said it is.

Now you have known a way of checking out a shortened link info
Comments if you have any questions