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Latest MTN  Freebrowsing Cheat 2018

Latest MTN Freebrowsing Cheat 2018

Freebrowsing is what Many people who are using data always need must especially those with Android Phones.

2018 Mtn Freebrowsing Cheat

But sometimes you may find it difficult to browse free. If you are searching on How To Browse free with your mtn then your search ends here because, I'm gonna show you how to browse freely with 0.0kb on your mtn 

Requirement :

1. Android Phone 
2. Mtn Sim with 0.0kb
3 Good 3g Network 

How To Browse Free On MTN

After having the above listed requirement. All you need to do is to install  Http injector in your Android phone and then import this config file to your Http injector 

How To Import The Config file 

It's very easy to import just follow up this process 

First download the config file by clicking here
Now open your http injector app and click on the 3 dash at the top right hand side

2018 Mtn Freebrowsing Cheat
 After you clicked that then it will up a pop on menu. Click config

2018 Mtn Freebrowsing Cheat

Now select your storage were you download the config file

2018 Mtn Freebrowsing Cheat

Then locate the file in your download manager

Then click it. You will see a notification saying you have successfully import the config file

Now all you have to do is to click on start and wait for the http injector to connect and start browsing freely without the stress of buying data

Don't forget to share this with your friends and also if you may have any difficulty about this importing drop your comment

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Top 3 Methods To Activate MTN Double Data

Top 3 Methods To Activate MTN Double Data

MTN double data offer can be activated more than one time in the given validity period. We preserve searching out more approaches to make the offer  gets anybody eligible and we've got 3 solid methods.

Top 3 methods to activate Mtn double data
MTN Double Data offer give you x2 of  the amount of data you purchase Officially From the Mtn network.

Therefore, you shouldn’t need to bother about low of data, since for example, N500 of 750MB data  package can be doubled to give  you 1.5GB Data. Isn’t that cool?

MTN double data works on  all devices that uses internet such as Android, Apple, tablet, PC, PSP consoles etc. Just like normal data and it does not zap.

Now, let's go straight into the main content and know how to activate the MTN double data offer in 3 classic and solid methods…

1st Method : Via SMS / Message

This method of activating MTN double data is actually in a lucky way. Because the SMS may be received  when you newly buy a brand new Phone or a new MTN SIM card with a phone bonus ad attached to the park.

A short advert attached to the park of new phone to get Mtn  double data offer

So, get a brand new MTN SIM card and wait for an SMS from the network  to get you instantly eligible.

2nd Method :By Sending SMS Promo Code 

This method  somehow relies upon on eligibility however there’s no way you’d try it on  two MTN SIMs that one can't surely work out. It requires you sending some promo SMS to get eligible

To activate, send DOUBLE  and PROMO to 131 as SMS message. A pop on message will appear on your screen then reply it with 1(one)  and then send free to 131. You will receive a message, saying:
“Dear Customer, Enjoy data offers on MTN Deal zone, Dial *131*1#” .

A mess to received when activating Mtn double data offer

Then, buy a data plan from MTN by dialling *131*1# and the data plan will be doubled.

3rd Method By Tweaking Ime Numbers

This method works for everyone, including new and existing MTN SIMs. 

Kindly take note that phones running on Android 6 Marshmallow and higher OS cannot tweak their IMEI, so I recommend the earlier methods.
But phones running on Android 5 Lollipop and below can tweak their IMEI to get eligible for the MTN double data offer.

To activate, Tweak this IMEI number using MTK engineer >>
86075203138**** and add any 4 digits to make it complete 15 digits by using IMEI analyzer app .

Once done, you’ll receive an eligible message in few minutes time, saying:

“Congratulations, your smartphone has been activated to enjoy 100% Double Data Bonus on any data you purchase for the next 6 months. “
And you can now proceed to dial *131*1# to purchase one of the official data plans from MTN and enjoy your data as it will be doubled instantly.
Note: MTN double data valid depending on the data plan validity period, while the double offer might valid for 3 months or 6months. You can always check your data bundle balance by dialling *131*4# and enjoy!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Whatsapp Recall Sent Messages Limit Time Has Been Increased

Whatsapp Recall Sent Messages Limit Time Has Been Increased

Whatsapp recall sent messages was earlier introduce last year officially by whatsapp but this feature providedd you with a small time 7 minutes to revert  back a message you had sent before the recipient can read it. However, it seems like the messaging giant (Wahtsap) is now increasing the time recall limit .

As revealed by well-known WhatsApp tipster WABetaInfo ,

WhatsApp is testing a much wider 4096-second recall window for sent messages. Unlike most of his leaks which mostly shed light on upcoming features, the updated time window for the recall feature is now live on the latest Android beta and Windows Phone apps.

Not only that, in the new whatsapp update also fixes a GIF crash bug that was affecting many whatsapp users.
The app had been receiving complaints that users were not able to add GIFs in their messages as the feature would stop working as soon the GIF screen was opened.
Notably, users can send GIFs via WhatsApp Web as long as they can

WhatsApp Stickers to go live in the next update

According to media reports, the company has also made some changes to the upcoming Sticker feature in the update, possibly modifying some emojis into stickers and upgrading the Stickers icon.
Currently, the feature is hidden in the chat app and is disabled by default.
WhatsApp Stickers, to shortly go live, will allow users to send an forward stickers in the app alon with messages.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Word Trip Game Cheat: How to Get Free Spin, Coins, And Free Hint

Word Trip Game Cheat: How to Get Free Spin, Coins, And Free Hint

Word Trip Is a puzzle game that tests your vocabulary, spelling, word finding and puzzle solving skills with about one million downloads from playstore

But when playing you may have reached a certain level that is more difficult hard to find out the hidden words. Don't even worry as soon as you finish reading this article your problem is solved right here right now because I'm going to show you how to get coins, spins, and even free hint with just one click all for free without spending any dim. this sounds good right? alright let begging
How to get free coins, spins, and hint

How to Get Free Spin Within 3 Second 

To get a free spin is just a simple thing even a 7 year old child can do it because of it simplicity 

All you need to do is to open your word trip game and start using the spin if you have any.  After you have finished them you will see a time given to you for a next spin to be given to you 

When your spin finished you need to wait for about 6 hours

Just simply go to your phone settings and increase your phone time to reach the time given to you for the spin to be gifted for you but some android phone you may find it difficult to change time just simply go to settings >> date and time >> Automatic date and time , off it 

Then add 6 hours to the time and go back to the word trip game. You will found out that you have been giving a 1 free spin
You have been giving a lucky spin

How to Get 4 Free Spin Within a Minute

It's an easy methods to get it also. Just follow exactly the above steps  but this one you are not increasing the time rather the day 

Add one single day then go back to your word trip game and  you will get 4 Spins instantly 
How to get free 4 spin in word trip game

How to Get 5 Spins Plus 1 Hint Free 

Get free 5 pins within 1 minutes in word trip game
Lucky you got a free spin from word trip game

The steps in getting the spin are all the same just that the day you are changing now will be plus 2 days 
Add to days to your phone date then go back to your word trip game and you will be give 5 spins plus one game hint. 

How To Get Free Coins 

There are only two ways that you can get a free coins 

First one is by signing in to the game with your facebook account

To sign in simply tap on "loging and play"   if you have a facebook account on your Android phone it will automatically login and load your name just tap on continue and you will be giving free 100 coins

Secondly is by playing the spins giving to you. Click on the spin icon on the top center when you are playing and start spinning lucky you will get free coins 2,4, and 6 .
You have  lucky won a free coins

This trick may work on some other game which use spins to be given within times

If you haven't yet play this game then download it right now from playstore and enjoy

Have a very nice and good playing don't forget to share this to your word trip game friends and also drop any game that you find out that these trick work on it 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Top 5 Best Strategy Android Games

Top 5 Best Strategy Android Games

Games for strategy best
Strategy is the most season game in mankind’s history. Regardless of whether or not it’s chess, table games, or even some card recreations, we’ve been playing strategy games
in view that some time earlier than there was ever a PC. here I  gathered together some of The most
loved strategy games on android.

1. The Battle of Polytopia

One of best strategy games on android

Battle of Polytopia players take command of one of the game’s numerous clans, as they endeavor to pile on the most elevated score conceivable in 30 turns by investigating the guide, building up their human civilization, and managing their neighbors.
 Long press to edit & lock
You should be savvy with how you spend your assets and position your troops on your turn. On the off chance that you aren’t ready to play
face to face with companions, the AI offers a truly better than average test with trouble levels going from simple to “insane”.


2. Vainglory

Vainglory is apparently the most well known MOBA on Android at the present time. It features three-on three online fights that last up to 20 minutes each. There are five saint classes highlighting a sum of 25 extraordinary legends to unlock, upgrade and take into battle. As you
battle your way down the path, there’s a noteworthy update framework that branches out, enabling you to respond and counter your foes all the more successfully. There are casual, ranked, and quick play modes relying upon what
sort of test you’re searching for. It’s additionally prevalent with eSports fans.


3. Pandemic: The Board Game

Pandemic is among the best board games out there. You and up to three other individuals play as CDC researchers. We will likely cure four infectious ailments from spreading and assuming control over the world. This is a pass-and-play amusement to play with companions, and you’ll all need to cooperate and utilize your groups deliberately on the off chance that you need to win.


4. Machines at War 3 Strategy Games

Machines at War 3 is one of the better constant strategy games. You research a disconnected military lab and discover something frightfully off-base! The greater part of the researchers are missing and the office is stripped.


5. Clash Royale

Supercell is the designer of three of the best and well known strategy games ever. They are Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Boom Beach. Fight human rivals continuously through unhinged card-based fights where you should take out the adversary’s Crown Towers while guarding your own. To be fruitful in Clash Royale, you’ll have to take in the qualities and shortcomings of all the distinctive cards, at that point utilize them deliberately amid fight.


Monday, February 19, 2018

Top 5 Best Screen Recorder Android Apps

Top 5 Best Screen Recorder Android Apps

Many people need Android screen recording apps most especially  if they are starting a YouTube tutorial channel or if they try to show some particular tutorial to be followed in video format
Top 5 Best Screen Recorder Android Apps
Top 5 Best Screen Recorder Android Apps

Record each activity observe on the screen of your Android phone and save  it as a video format. You can add this video to any website or share it  with your friends with the use of social media sites Such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and so forth. There are many apps which will work for the rooted Android phone but,
there are very few apps which do not require root access to carry out their function. Here, I'm  going to show  you some of
the best Android Screen Recording apps which does  not require  rooting permission on your Android phone. So let us  test these apps and understand how they work 
How Do Screen Recorder Apps Works 

Well, Every screen recorder apps works differently  base on the version  of your Android. You may notice  that No  any screen recorder apps  for lower version than Android KitKat 4.4.1. So why? The answer is, in Screen recorder apps there are a few API keys that get permission to android screen software built in. And works according to your want.

How to Record Android’s Screen using 5 Best Screen Recorder Apps

In this tutorial, I actually have covered all of the best screen recorder apps for Android which that are working pretty fine, as well FREE. And I may also show you How To record Android display screen with those display screen recorders step  by step. So that you can get a clear expertise that how does screen recorder  show up on devices. The cool part of this article is that you don't need to Root your android phone

Top 5 Best Screen Recording Android Apps

Here are the list of the best screen recorder apps;

1. DU Recorder
Best screen recorder apps

This best free screen recorder requires no root access from an Android version. Also, it is totally free and contains no ads in-app purchases. Even this app is entirely ad free. You can record videos in HD quality. The best quality is 1080p, 12 Mbps, 60FPS. The user interface of this app very user-friendly and supports over 20 different languages. This recorder provides with many resolutions, frame rates, and bit rates available as a support for HD videos. To stop recording, you can shake the device. It also comes with a GIF maker. Must read out the features of this app.

Features of DU Screen Recorder:

  •     Record external sound
  •     Add background music to video
  •     Add any effect like Blurr, Pixelate Crop Image etc.
2. Mobizen
Best screen recorder apps

This app is entirely free but, you will require root access if the Android version of your device is below 4.4. This best screen recorder, records videos in HD quality. The quality of screen that this app may record are 240P, 360P, 720P, and 1080P. The highest quality provided by this app is 1080p resolution, 12 Mbps quality, 60 FPS. You can add BGM and an Intro & Outro Video to make your video look attractive. The Clean Recording Mode allows you to record videos without any watermark on it. You can capture your reactions while recording game sound and your voice with Facecam. Simply, this app allows you to record screen while gaming and watching videos.

Features Of Mobizen:

  •     Clear Android Screen Recording in FULL HD!
  •     Easy to use it with No rooting starting from OS 4.4!
  •     Use Screen Recording, Capture, and Editing all for FREE!
  •     You can easily Remove the Watermark for FREE!

3. Rec. Screen Recorder

If the Android version of your device is 4.4 then, you need to root your device to make this app run on that device. Well, why to worry? Read this guide to root your devices within seconds. By using this free best screen recorder, You can record videos of 1-hour length along with audio. You can pre-set some of your commonly used configurations. You can customize the countdown timer so that you can get your screen recording set-up flawlessly. To stop the recording, shake your device or simply switch your screen off. It has a beautified and a simple interface which can be easily got used to.

Features Of  Rec. Screen Recorder

  •     Longer screen recording only for Android, with Audio – record for up to 1 hour.
  •     it comes up with a beautiful user interface.
  •     You can easily save your favorite configurations as Presets.
  •     Automatically show screen touches for the duration of your recording.
4. AZ Screen Recorder

This best free screen recorder is highly recommended for lollipop users. This app provides with no time limit for the length of the video. Also, no watermark of this app is added to your video. You won’t be bothered by irrelevant ads since this app is ad-free. It is extremely easy to use this app as there is a single option to start and stop the recording. This app comes with a countdown timer which allows you to make last moment adjustments. You can trim the video which you have recorded to cut down on time wasted on unnecessary things. You can also record your emotions in a small overlap window, which can be dragged to any location on the screen and customized to any size and opacity. This simple but highly reviewed screen recording apps for android will never disappoint you!

Features Of AZ Screen Recorder:

  •     This app comes with a magic button that controls anything secretly without showing on screen. isn’t it cool?
  •     You can draw anything with any chosen color directly on your screen.
5. Telecine

This is another amazing screen recorder app for Android devices. It is a highly simplified app with minimum settings but a powerful output. The overlay screen is responsible for starting and stopping the recording. However, there is a limitation to this app. You cannot record sound while recording the video. Otherwise, this app is as good as others.
Download Telecine

Features Of Telecine

  •     You can record HD videos up to 720p
  •     Edit your recorded videos using this app
These were some of the Best Android Screen Recording apps which you can use to record your screen activities, Gameplay, and tutorials on youtube easily. I hope, you do all the steps and choose right app for your device.  If we have missed out on any such amazing app which should have been on the above list then, please let us know in the comments section below.
10 Biggest Charging Battery Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

10 Biggest Charging Battery Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

Many people  are using  Android IOS phone nowadays. Everyone encounters difficulty with their Android phone battery reinforcement. A mobile IOS like Android consumes a whole lot battery  compared to different operating system.

Android phone battery will last approximately 7-10 hours on the average. Long lasting smartphone battery life is among the major factor   for buyers to keep in mind before buying  any phone.

However, there are some phone charging biggest mistake you should avoid on your every day lifestyles that can extend the sturdiness of your Android phone’s battery. Here on this Article, I will list out some few suggestions on how to charge your phone battery and make it last  longer

Read Also » How to Create Whatsapp Bot With Your Android Phone

1.Charge with Original Charger

It could be better if you could charge  your phone with its own. (original) charger. We regularly forgot to use  the original  charger and alternatively replace  it with a duplicate one due to our busy time schedule. This is what mustly affects some android phone battery performance. If you're useing  a duplicated charger then, test its contemporary (A) and output voltage (V).

2. Avoid Using Fast Chargers

Fast chargers won't be the exceptional choice on your phone battery’s average fitness. Charging your phone with  the use of fast chargers may additionally harm your battery in a longer term. The process  involves higher voltage which ends up in high  temperature. Therefore, ensure to avoid charging your smartphone battery with the use of fast chargers.

Remove  Protective Case While  Charging

You may have noticed, while your phone is charging, it will become warm barely. So, ensure you remove  the protective case of your phone at the same time  charging it. This can also act as a barrier and slow down warmth dissipation. Also, if possible, try as much to flip your phone over while charging.

4. Never Charge Your Smartphone Battery Overnight

There are so many people, me too inclusive who have the habit of leaving the phone plugged in overnight to charge. We just have to stop this practice. Charging overnight affects smartphone battery longevity, and it also makes your smartphone device overheat. So, you should be sure to unplug your charger when you feel your phone is sufficiently charged.

5. Avoid third party battery Apps

Perhaps you have already installed a power or battery management app on your smartphone. There are numerous apps available on Google Play Store that claims to increase the battery life span of Android phone. But, these applications may not do any good thing to your battery because it increases the workload on your smartphone and forces your device to use even more battery power.

6. Avoid Playing Game while Charging Your Smartphone Battery

Many people love to play games on their smartphones. Nowadays we are so addictive to games that we can’t resist playing them. But, if gaming is the only reason behind your smartphone battery draining, then you should stop playing games while charging your phone. This will not only eliminate overheating issues but also charge your smartphone fast.

7. Always Charge your Phone Battery Up To 80%

We need to admit that 80% charge is good enough for a day, and it is ideal for overall smartphone battery lifespan. Crossing the 80% charging mark may make your battery to overheat, thereby affecting its life. Therefore, it’s not necessary that your phone should always be charged up to a 100% maximum.

8. Avoid Frequent re-charging

We always tend to re-charge our smartphone when it decreases to the 50% battery mark. But, that’s not the best practice to do. We must allow the battery to discharge to around 25% before we plug it in again. Studies have shown that frequent and unnecessary recharges shorten the lifespan of the smartphone battery.

9. Use PowerBanks

The best way to give your smartphone an extra battery life is to get a power bank. However, while purchasing a power bank, you have to notice few things like your power bank have to promise you protection against overcharging, short circuit, voltage surge etc. These features will make sure that your smartphone battery lasts longer.

10. Don’t Use Your Phone While It’s connected to Powerbank

We all know, using a smartphone during charging  is not a good idea. Therefore, you have to avoid using your smartphone while it’s being connected to the power bank. Using your smartphone while connected to the Powerbank will raise the internal temperatures of the phone and shorten its life.

Therefore, those are the 10 things  you need to avoid when  charging your phone. So, ensure you avoid these mistakes to enhance your tphone battery’s lifespan.

Hope you enjoy this post, feel free to drop your comment in case any. You also can share  it along with your friends  too. Thanks.

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Download Latest GBWhatsapp Version 6.25 APK

Download Latest GBWhatsapp Version 6.25 APK

GBWhatsapp is a popular version of MOD WhatsApp where you can find a large number of features which we can not find on Normal WhatsApp.

The latest version of GB whatsapp is available at v6.25
As I stated before this GBWhatsApp Latest Version is one of the best ever MOD Official WhatsApp which has lots of features which are not available in any other mod. This is why it is the first choice of all those who are searching for best WhatsApp mod. I will provide you latest version to download
GBWhatsApp Apk in this awesome article. Whenever any new update is available, I  will upload it here. Means you will always stay up to date with GBWhatsApp Latest Version Apk .

In every latest update, they are adding some exclusive features to their app and I am sure you all will like it  with your Boyfriend or Girlfriend (Even I am also a Victim Lol) I have provided fastest & direct download links below for gb whatsapp (whatsapp gb) download gbwhatsapp 6.25 latest version apk 2018.

Download GB WhatsApp 6.25 Latest version

GbWhatsapp is an alternate of official Whatsapp which you might be using right now on your Android phone. It is very interesting and most famous application for your Android phone as compared to the official Whatsapp App. What makes it more popular is, have a lots of cool tips & tricks and some mods which are not available in any other version of Whatsapp

Features Of GB Whatsapp V 6.25

Below, I have mentioned Some of the Best / Top Features of GBWhatsapp APK, Which you can Install and use on your Android Device, and Enjoy Below available features. With this app, you will get many great features like Hiding Last Seen, Hide Second Tick, Hide Blue Tick, etc. and much more. Easily gbwhatsapp free download apk now in your device and enjoy it. You can also install Custom Themes in This app, or you can also customize this app according to your choice. Have a look at it now from below
  • Added auto reply feature – now set auto reply and send to your contacts automatically.
  • Added several new groups features.
  • Message scheduler feature for schedule messages like happy birthday, good morning etc.
  • Disable calls for Specific Contacts.
  • Enabled Recall feature, now you can recall sent messages.
  • SMS Scheduler, now you can send message to anyone at specific time automatically.
  • Video Calling Working.
  • Send Gif Images, disable voice calling if you want.
  • Selfie Flash added.
  • Hide Last Seen for Specific Contacts.
  • Send Link to Join Whatsapp Group Publically.
  • Ban proof, No Issue of Ban your Account.
  • Now you can send broadcast to 600 people instead of 250 people.
  • Supports calls, No Worries about calling feature.
  • Hide your ( last seen ) Without any problem in One Click.
  • Privacy mods like Hide Second Tick etc.
  • Themes mods, Apply any Theme of your Choice from Inbuilt Theme Store.0
  • Theme Server ( to download/apply themes )
  • Change ticks/bubbles Style Mod according to your own choice.
  • Counter statistics for groups.
  • Media preview without loading, much advanced and better than real whatsapp (gbmods rocks)
  • Show Online/last Seen in Main Screen so no worries about your last seen showing in other people’s device.
And much more features are available in This GBWhatsApp, you can download this app now on your device, and enjoy its features. Download The Latest Version of This app now from below available direct download link. Also have a look 

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How To Set Auto Downloading At A Specific Time On Android

How To Set Auto Downloading At A Specific Time On Android

Hello Guys, If you are searching on how  download a file at Specific Time automatically on Android. then you search ends here. Why because In this article , I am going to show you  step by step guide  which you can follow and easly  automatically Downloads on your Android phone. There are many Android apps available which you can use for auto downloading on your Android phone. I  have tried many methods for Downloading  a file at certain time automatically on Android and successfully I found one of the best way to do it.

This trick is only for Android phone currently. You can Automaticcally Download any file at specific  time on your Android device without having any problems

Why You Should Use Auto Download 

If you wonder why Auto Downloading  will be useful, then let me tell you. If you are using Mobile data, it costs a lot but night sub are very cheap. If you want to download some large files, you can simply Buy or subcribe to  Night plan, which is very cheap in comparison to day data plan.  After you subcribe to any night plan, you can set your auto  downloading at night, you don’t even need to wake up at night to use your night plan, this trick so cool right? You can also use this trick of Auto Downloading  on android to save  money, and time. Now you are downloading  files in a smarter way, Simply auto  downloads on your Android device and enjoy this trick on  your Android phone
Simple steps to use that you can automatically download files on android phone
How To Automatically  Download File 

So here we go.  In this steps, I am going to use app called Advance Download manager for Android. This is one of the best Download manager for Android, Which you can use on your Android. This download manager also supports parallel Thread downloading, which download a file in multiple parts for speed up the downloading speed and save your time. Now  Simply follow some of the simple steps below to know more about how can you set up auto  downloading on your Android phone. You don’t need to use any kind of full of ads download manager apk, simply use your favourite download manager which is ADM for this trick.

  • firstly, Download Adm on your Device from playstore 
  • After Downloading it then  Install Advance download manager on your Android, and Simply open it.

follow this steps to auto downloads on android phone

Now you can add download link of your desired file in this Download manager by simply clicking the [+ Icon]

After that, Pause your Download once it started. You can pause your download by click on file name once.

Now Swipe from left to right in this app and goto Settings ->

Now Click on Download Files button, Select start time and stop time from here of your download.

This download manager will automatically start downloading at Certain time, now you don’t need to worry about starting your download.

So guys, this was the one of the best way ever which you can use to automatically downloads files on  your Android phone . If you have any questions regarding this tutorial, then simply comment below. I will try to help you out. Thanks for visiting this blog and stay tuned for more cool tricks like this. Enjoy scheduling downloads on your Android device and stay tuned at this blog for more cool tips & tricks regarding Android.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

New WhatsApp  Feature: Lets Users Add Three Participants In Call

New WhatsApp Feature: Lets Users Add Three Participants In Call

New WhatsApp  Feature: Lets Users Add Three Participants In Call
WhatsApp has been updated with a new feature that let people add up to 3 individuals in a group call. According to a report  in
WABetaInfo , a fan site that tests new WhatsApp functions, the feature is available for Android version  2.18.39. And above.  It is unclear whether the ability  to add participants  has been noticed for voice call  or video call  on WhatsApp. The record claims the function will available for every one in the future , although a specific time line is not stated.

WhatsApp group voice calls feature turned into noticed on the 2.17.70 WhatsApp update, in October last year. It was earlier  reported that the

Facebook-owned messaging app was working  on a group  voice calls and could release the feature this  year. Facebook already has a comparable feature on Messenger.

With over 1.5 billion month-to-month lively users, WhatsApp is available in more  than 50 different languages around the world. WhatsApp lately launched its Business app for small and medium corporations in Nigeria. WhatsApp Business App is free-to-download and the app is aimed toward making it simpler for businesses to connect  with their customers.

WhatsApp’s ‘delete for everyone’ feature that lets people  delete sent messages within seven minutes of sending them. The feature isn't limited to text messages as it works for images, videos, GIFS, contact cards, and so forth. Meanwhile, WhatsApp is said to be operating on the ability to edit sent messages as well.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

How To Create Fake Email Address Using telegram Bot

How To Create Fake Email Address Using telegram Bot

Telegram Is a Chating App which is alternative to whatsapp which has more features than the normal whatsapp and also GB Whatsapp

They are many features which telegram has and whatapp do not have. One of these fuetures include Bot which whatsapp do not have

Although you can create your own Whatsapp bot using my tricks but will not function as telegram bot does

Today I'm going to show you how to create Fake Email Address Using Telegram Bot but before I started you need to know why you should create fake emails address.

In  the internet some website tend to force people to register before getting what you needed from them so when registering your email address must be included.  So now they have your real email if you haven't created a fake email. With your real email some do spam , or something be sell as email marketing which may harm you and you don't like Or you don't  want someone to know your real email address and he requested it do to something helpful to you so you need fake email if you are on telegram then it will be more easier for to do and there are also other websites that you can create unlimited fake email address

Check it out here:How To Create Unlimited Fake Disposable Email Address

You can create unlimited fake email addresses using the below listed telegram bots

 How To Create Fake Email Address On Telegram 

To create fake email addresses using telegram you need to have telegram install on your Android phone. If you don't have it then download it from Playstore

List of Telegram Bot For Creating Fake Email Address 

On telegram there are some bots which you can create fake Emails Address which are :

1. Fake Mail Bot 
A telegram bot which can forward all the emails to you as soon as it arrives you can also reply to any email you receive

With this Telegram bot you can simply create a fake email by clicking on this Link which will take you directly to him on telegram
The username of this bot is @fakemailbot 
Shortcut link :

Now Start / On the bot and type  /generate  it will generate a fake email to you or type /set to setup I new fake email addresses of our own choices
After creating then this bot will now forward all the emails to you as soon as it arrives you can also reply to any email you receive

More advantage of this bot is that your email address can stay and be functioning as far as you want

2.Drop Mail 
One of telegram bot for creating fake email addresses

This telegram bot work similar with fake mail bot but with this bot your Email address can only be active within 15minutes  after geneating
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Username :@DropmailBot
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These are the bots that youcan create fake email addresses if you have any other apart from the listed above then reply via the comments box or you have anything to Say drop it via comment 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

How to Create Whatsapp Bot With Your Android Phone

How to Create Whatsapp Bot With Your Android Phone

Hello Guys today I'm back again with most wanted Whatsapp Tricks which many Whatsapp users are searching for it and also ask of it.

Creating Whatsapp bot is easy but it requires some techniques which all will be listed from Beginning to the right place to complete your bot creation

So in this article you will learn how to create your own Whatsapp  bot without learning any programimg languages. not only that because you will also learn how to Download Payed App on playstore and create a license for it

Okay now let me go straight to the main thing that brought you here

How To Create Whatsapp Bot 

To create a Whatsapp bot first you need to download AutoResponder for whatsapp pro version (WA Bot pro App). This app has it free version and also paid version on playstore  and more over it only works on rooted phones
Check out How to Root Your Android Phone Safely 
An app for Android phone use to create bot on Whatsapp

The free version is Not Okay for me because you can only create 5 respond only with it Maybe it Might not be okay for you too, so we will go for the payed one.
 The Payed one you can create Unlimited Respond,  Set Up a Welcoming Message, Reply with location,"Send Blue Ticks" option,Answer delay and other features which is more important than the free WA Bot app.  You heard me saying payed I'm sure you are  thinking of buying lol. You don't need to spend any Naira because you are downloading it free

How To Download WA Bot Pro Free 

There are many apps or site to download payed apps on playstore but here we will use Black Mart So you need to download it here if you already have it then open it and click on search icon at the top right hand side of your screen then search for 'AutoResponder WA Chat Pro'
AutoResponder WA chat pro download it for free here
Tap on it then install it on your Android phone 

Now after installing you will see something like the below screenshot
A screenshot showing no license on the app

Which means no license on the app you need to create one for it 

“Important Notice – This Trick We’ve Shared Is Just For Educational Purpose Only We’re Not Responsible If Anything Miss-happened With You”

How To Create License For AutoResponder Whatsapp 

To create a license for the app you need to open your lucky patcher app if you don't have it then download it here

Install and open it, it will show you all installed app on your Android phone

Now search for WA chat bot and click on it then tap on "open menu for patches" then select make a license for app.  Wait for 2-3 seconds the license will be created now open your WA chat bot make sure your phone data connection is off and also not connected to Wi-Fi

Note : Don't open the WA chat bot with data connection or Wi-Fi network if not , your license will not work

How To use Autoresponder WA Pro 

Now after installing your AutoResponder Whatsapp bot pro version to use it you need to set up on your Android phone accessibility setting by clicking on enable or disable bot function on your WA chat bot App 

After enabling it then the next thing is for you to create a rules (respond)  for it to use 

Things You Need To Know Before Creating Rules 

To create a Rules simply click on rules . You can add 

  • Receive messages : A message which the bot will replies to it when send to you
  • Respond Message: A message which the bot will replies back from  message receive section 
  • Trigger: Automatically reply if received message contains ALL these words parts.If you want to reply to "How are you?", you can set "how%you" or for example.So the order doesn't matter.You can use any words you like.
  • welcoming message: is the first message the bot will replies back (auto send)  message to the first message received Send to you 
  • Recipients: chat in which your bot will be active weather group, contacts or both 
  • Time Restriction: Restrict response to a specific time in seconds 
  • Ignore contact: Are contacts in which you don't want your AutoResponder to be activate on them 
You can also set it to work on GB  Whatsapp  by clicking on setting then change package of whatsapp  to com.gbwhatsapp
Changing WA chat bot to work on GB Whatsapp
I hope with this my Explanation and screenshot you will now be able to create your own Whatsapp bot without learning any programimg languages

If you are confused or have any questions regarding this article then use the comments box for that