Sunday, December 10, 2017

Facebook Trick: How To Message Your Self on facebook


Many people are using facebook to chat,  share their ideas with people, and also do business on this great social media but they don't know that they can message them self (you messaging your self). So today I am here to share you this simple and easy trick on how to message your self just keep reading i will show you all the steps to go about it including with screen shot for better understanding.

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First of all open your Browser (opera mini recommended)

Type or click on here

A login page will be shown to you then Input your login details

Now you are at your home page of your facebook account. Then search for your facebook name in the search box at the top of your browser after that small facebook icon


You are almost there.. Now just scroll down and look at you own facebook account and click on that little message like icon at the right hand side of your displayed name


Type anything you want at the message box

So now after successful learning how to message your self on facebook what will come to your mind is what it important?

Important of it varies depending on how you used it but the main important there is you can save something you wanted to tell in the future, save your idea about something you wish to publish in the future , or someone publish a post and you want to save it without him knowing then just copy it and paste it at the message box.
Don't worry your message are 100% save were no one can see it.

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